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"The CTRSC has been phenomenal in guiding us through the complexities of research. As amateur research clinicians, this process can be very intimidating and time consuming. Their expertise with data management systems, IRB approval, and protocol streamlining has been instrumental in making our international research project possible." Nicholas Batson, M.D. and Lisa Batson, M.D. Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Julio Ramirez, MD
CTRSC Director

Our Mission

We are a multi-disciplinary team of investigators performing basic, clinical and population-based research dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of clinical and translational research at the University of Louisville. We provide investigators outstanding support for study and protocol design, data collection, data analysis and publication through personal consultations and solutions tailored to their individual needs. By building the bridge between basic, clinical, and population-based research at the University of Louisville we ultimately improve prevention and treatment of human disease.

Research consultations

We offer research consultations in any area of basic, clinical or population-based science. consultations are currently offered on a weekly basis by appointment. All consultations are free of charge. Please e-mail us at ulctrsc@louisville.edu.



The CTRSC provides numerous services related to clinical and translational research. Services include everything from study design, ethics review, data management and analysis and manuscript preparation. All services are offered individually or as an entire package depending on the investigators' needs. Furthermore we offer numerous local, national, and international datasets for secondary analysis.



From our annual Principles of Clinical and Translational Research Course to our research scholarships for training of international students and investigators, we offer a wide variety of classroom and immersion experiences for basic, clinical and population-based investigators. We also provide training for clinical study coordinators.



We have more than 25 years experience in clinical research with an increasing focus in recent years on clinical and translational research. Our research areas include pneumonia, influeza, emerging respiratory pathogens, healthcare-associated infections, vaccinology, HIV/AIDS, and health services. We also assist many other investigators at the University of Louisville.

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